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Podręcznik użytkownika TomTom 1405m GPS Receiver

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TomTom Via

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1. What’s in the boxWhat’sin thebox• TomTom Via including the Easy Click mount• USB cable• USB car charger or RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver, depending on your productTo check what is included in your product, see the list of box contents on the productpackaging.• Installation poster2

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2. Read me firstReadme firstMounting your device in your carMake sure that both the mount and your windscreen are clean and dry before you attachthe mount. Place the device so that it does not interfere with your view of the road or ofany of the controls in your car.To attach the mount, press the suction cup firmly against the windscreen on an area wherethe glass is flat. Then twist the grip on the base of the mount in a clockwise direction untilyou hear a click.Plug the cable into your car dash

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Tip: We recommend using a broadband internet connection whenever you connect yournavigation device to MyTomTom.Setting up MyTomTom12To set up MyTomTom, do the following:1. Connect your computer to the internet.2. Start a browser and go to tomtom.com/getstarted.3. Click Download now.Your browser downloads the MyTomTom support application, which you need toinstall on your computer in order to connect your device to MyTomTom. Follow theinstructions on the screen if you are asked questions while dow

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Important: You should plug the USB connector directly into a USB port on your computerand not into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or monitor.Take care of your navigation deviceNever leave your TomTom Via or accessories on view when you leave the car as they maybecome an easy target for thieves.It is important to take care of your device:• Your device is not designed for use in extreme temperatures and any such exposuremay cause permanent damage. Extended exposure to sun light may lead to

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3. SafetySafetyInstalling the mountConsider carefully where to attach the mount in your car. The mount should not block orinterfere with any of the following:• Your view of the road• Any of the controls in your car• Any of your mirrors• The airbagWhen your navigation device is in the mount, you should be able to reach the device easilywithout leaning or stretching. You can attach the mount to the windscreen, side windowor use a Dashboard Mount Disk to attach the mount to your dashboard.

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4. Planning a routePlanning arouteImportant: In the interest of safety and to reduce distractions while you are driving, youshould always plan a route before you start driving.To plan a route on your TomTom Via, do the following:1. Tap the screen to open the Main menu.2. Tap Navigate to...3. Tap Address.Tip: The first time you plan a route, you are asked to select a country, state or region. Yourselection is saved and used for all future routes until you change this setting.You can change this s

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5. Enter the streetname.• Streets with similar names are shown in the list while you type.• When the correct streetname appears in the list, tap the name to select the destination.6. Enter the house number, then tap Done.7. The location is shown on the map. Tap Select to continue or tap Back to enter anotheraddress.Tip: If you want your final destination to be a car park, tap Park nearby and select a location from the list of car parks close to your general destination.8

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8. Select the type of route you want to plan.9. When the new route is shown, tap Done.• For more information about the route, tap Details.• To plan a different route, tap Change route.Your TomTom Via starts to guide you to your destination, using spoken instructions andonscreen directions.Route summaryThe route summary shows an overview of your route, the remaining distance to your destination and the remaining estimated journey time.To view the route summary, tap the right-hand panel on the

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Using your voice to plan a routeInstead of tapping the screen to plan a route, you can use your voice to plan a route.For information about planning a route using your voice, see Voice command and control.Frequent destinationsIf you often make trips to the same destinations, you can set your TomTom Via to ask ifyou want to plan a route to one of these locations, every time the device starts. This isfaster than planning a route in the normal way.To select a new destination, tap Start-up settings

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Tap YES to enter a preferred arrival time.Your Via calculates your arrival time and shows you whether you will arrive on time.You can also use this information to work out when you need to leave. If your Via showsthat you will arrive 30 minutes early, you can wait and leave in 30 minutes time, rather thanarrive early.Your arrival time is constantly recalculated during your journey. The status bar showswhether you will arrive on time or if you are going to be late, as shown below:You will arrive

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Tap this button to navigate to a Point of Interest (POI).Point of InterestTap this button to select a point on the map as your destination usingthe map browser.Point on mapTap this button to enter a destination using latitude and longitudevalues.LatitudeLongitudeTap this button to select your last recorded position, as your destination.Position of laststopPlanning a route in advanceYou can use your TomTom Via to plan a route in advance, selecting your starting pointand your destination.Here are

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• Avoid motorways - a route which avoids motorways.• Walking route - a route designed for making the journey on foot.• Bicycle route - a route designed for making the journey on a bicycle.6. Choose the date and time that you will make the journey you are planning.Your Via uses IQ Routes to work out the best possible route at that time. This is usefulto see how long a journey takes at different times of the day or on different days of theweek.7. Your TomTom Via plans the route between the t

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5. Voice controlVoicecontrolAbout voice controlInstead of tapping the screen to control your TomTom Via, you can use your voice to control your Via.For example, to increase the volume on your Via, you can say, "Increase volume."To view the list of available commands, tap Help in the Main menu then tap Product manuals and then tap What can I say?Important: Voice control requires a computer voice. When there are no computer voicesinstalled on your TomTom Via, this feature is not available.To selec

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If the command is incorrect, say, "No" and repeat the command after you hear the tone.Your Via plans a route from your current location to your Home address.Tip: To stop your Via from listening out for further commands, say "Back" or "Cancel" or"Quit" or simply tap the screen.Planning a journey using your voiceImportant: In the interest of safety and to reduce distractions while you are driving, youshould always plan a route before you start driving.Note: It’s not possible to plan a route usin

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Tip: Different locations may have the same name, such as a road that spans multiple postcodes. When this happens you need to look at the screen and tap the correct location.If the street name you hear is incorrect, but the correct streetname is in the list, say thenumber next to the correct streetname or tap the streetname in the list.If the streetname is not shown in the list, say "Back" or "No" or tap Back to return to theprevious screen and then say the streetname again when you hear the tone

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To enter the destination using your voice, tap one of the following buttons:Tap this button to enter an address entirely using speech.Spoken addressSpoken address helps you to enter information without tapping thescreen.This option recognises the following spoken terms:• Commands: Yes, No, Back, Done, OK, Crossing.• Streetnames.• Cities and towns and their centres.• Favourites, postcodes and POIs.• Plan alternative route, Recalculate original, Avoid roadblock, Minimise delays, Clear ro

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6. Driving ViewDrivingViewAbout the Driving ViewWhen your TomTom Via device starts for the first time, you are shown the Driving Viewalong with detailed information about your current position.Tap the centre of the screen at any time to open the Main Menu.You can choose the screen shown when you switch on your device by tapping Settingsin the Main Menu, then tapping Start-up settings.The Driving ViewABCDEPrins Hendrikkade34minkm80013:3154 KM/H 60 MAXFGHMETRESI16:312:30 HRS 60 KMJK1. Zoom button

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10.Navigation instruction for the road ahead and the distance to next instruction. If the second instruction is less that 150m after the first instruction, you see it shown immediatelyinstead of the distance.Tap this part of the status bar to repeat the last voice instruction and to change the volume. You can also tap here to mute the sound.11.The remaining journey time, the remaining distance and your estimated arrival time.Tap this part of the status bar to open the Route Summary screen.To cha

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7. Advanced Lane GuidanceAdvancedLaneGuidanceAbout lane guidanceNote: Lane guidance is not available for all junctions or in all countries.Your TomTom Via helps you prepare for motorway exits and junctions by showing thecorrect driving lane for your planned route.As you approach an exit or junction, the lane you need is shown on the screen.Using lane guidanceThere are two types of lane guidance:• Lane imagesTo turn lane images off, tap Settings in the Main Menu, then tap Advanced settings.Clea