Podręcznik użytkownika Weber 450 Griddle

Instrukcja dla urządzenia Weber 450 Griddle

Podręcznik użytkownika Weber 450 Griddle

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SUMMIT 425 & 450TMLP Gas BarbecuesWWEBEWEBEROperating GuideRead before assemblyEBRSerial NumberSerial NumberWSummit 450 LPEBERERSummit 425 LPCANADIAN GAS ASSOCIATION®National PROPANEGAS Association DANGERIf you smell gas:1. Shut off gas to the appliance.2. Extinguish any open flame.3. Open lid.4. If odor continues, Keep away from theappliance and immediately call yourgas supplier or your fire department.Leaking gas may cause a fire or explosionwhich can cause serious bodily injury ordeath or

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WARNINGS DANGERFailure to follow the Dangers, Warnings and Cautions contained in this Owner’s Manual mayresult in serious bodily injury or death, or a fire or an explosion causing damage to property.■Do not store a spare or disconnected LP tank under ornear this barbecue.■Should a grease fire occur, turn off all burners andleave lid closed until fire is out.■Improper assembly may be dangerous. Please carefullyfollow the assembly instructions in this manual.■Do not enlarge valve orif

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TABLE OF CONTENTSWarnings2Steam-N-Chips SmokerWarranty4MaintenanceA Word of Thanks4Standards and Codes Information5Operating AreaStorageSpider/Insect ScreensInspection and Cleaning of theSpider/Insect ScreensMain Burner Flame PatternMain Burner Cleaning ProcedureReplacing Main BurnersCrossover Ignition System Operations55*REFER TO YOUR STEP-BY-STEP SECTION ATTHIS TIMELightingCrossover Ignition SystemTo Extinguish910-131010111111136Troubleshooting1466Patents and Trademarks16Manual Lighting7To Ext

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WARRANTYWeber-Stephen Products Co. (Weber) hereby warrants to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER of this Weber Gas Barbecue thatit will be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase as follows:Aluminum Castings, 25 years,Cooking Grates and Flavorizer Bars, 7 years,All Remaining Parts, 5 years,when assembled and operated in accordance with the printed instructions accompanying it.Weber may require reasonable proof of your date of purchase. THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD RETAIN YOUR SALESSLI

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STANDARDS AND CODES INFORMATIONYour Weber Gas Barbecue is a portable outdoor cookingappliance. With the Weber Gas Barbecue you can grill,barbecue, roast and bake with results that are difficult toduplicate with indoor kitchen appliances. The closed lidand Flavorizer Bars produce that "outdoor" flavor inthe food.The Weber Gas Barbecue is portable so you can easilychange its location in your yard or on your patio.Portability means you can take your Weber Gas Barbecuewith you if you move.Liquid Pro

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LIGHTINGEACH HEAT ZONE OPERATES INDEPENDENTLY.3) Make sure all burner control knobs are OFF. (Pusheach burner control knob down and turn clockwise.)Summary lighting instructions are on the control panel.HighMediumLowWARNING: The burner control knobs must be in theOFF position before turning on the LP tank valve. Ifthey are not in the OFF position, when you turn onthe LP tank valve, the excess flow control willactivate, limiting the flow of gas from the LP tank. Ifthis should occur, turn OFF t

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MANUAL LIGHTINGEACH HEAT ZONE OPERATES INDEPENDENTLY.HighMediumLow DANGERWhen the excess flow control is activated, asmall amount of gas is still flowing to theburners. After turning OFF the tank andburner control knobs, wait at least 5 minutesfor the gas to clear before attempting to lightthe barbecue. Failure to do so may result inan explosive flame-up which can causeserious bodily injury or death.Off DANGERFailure to open lid while igniting thebarbecue, or not waiting 5 minutes toallow

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COOKINGCLEANINGWARNING: Do not move the Weber Gas Barbecuewhen operating or hot.WARNING: Turn your Weber Gas Barbecue OFF andwait for it to cool before cleaning.HighMediumLowCAUTION: Do not clean your Flavorizer Bars orcooking grills in a self-cleaning oven. Replacementcooking grates and Flavorizer Bars are availablethrough your retailer or the Weber-Stephen CustomerService Center.OffYou can adjust the LEFT and RIGHT burners as desired.The control settings High (H), Medium (M), Low (L),

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USING THE STEAM-N-CHIPS SMOKERThe Steam-N-Chips Smoker cooks with both WeberFireSpice Wood Chips and Chunks. For best results withfaster cooking foods like steaks, burgers and chops, etc.,we recommend using the FireSpice Chips because theyignite and create smoke faster. For longer cooking foodssuch as roasts, chicken and turkeys, etc., we recommendusing FireSpice Chunks because they ignite slowly andprovide smoke for a longer period of time. As you gainexperience in using your Steam-N-Chips Smok

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MAINTENANCESpider/Insect screensWe recommend that you inspect the Spider/Insectscreens at least once a year. Also inspect and cleanthe Spider/Insect screens if any of the followingsymptoms should ever occur.Your Gas Barbecue, as well as any outdoor gasappliance, is a target for spiders and other insects. Theycan nest in the venturi section of the burner tubes. Thisblocks the normal gas flow, and can cause the gas to flowback out of the air shutter. Figure 5. This could result in afire in and aro

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MAINTENANCEMain Burner Flame PatternReplacing Main BurnersThe Weber Gas Barbecue burners have been factory setfor the correct air and gas mixture. The correct flamepattern is shown in Figure 7.1. Your Weber Gas Barbecue must be OFF and cool.Burner insidecooking box2. Turn OFF gas at source.3. Disconnect regulator.Tips occasionally yellowish4. To remove control panel refer to “Remove the controlpanel and the front panel” in the Step-By-Step Guide.5. Remove cooking grates.6. Remove Flavorizer

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MAINTENANCE10. Slide the burner assembly from each Heat Zone. Theleft and right burners are connected by the Crossovertube. Figure 13 (a).9. Pull the manifold out of the burners. Figure 12.Pull out of hereCrossover tubeManifoldFigure 12Figure 1312

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MAINTENANCECrossover Ignition System Operations11. Lift and twist the burner assembly slightly to separatethe crossover tube from the burners. Remove theburners from the cooking box. Figure 14.If the Crossover Ignition System fails to ignite the Leftburner, light the Left burner with a match. If the Leftburner lights with a match, then check the CrossoverIgnition System.Separate hereCrossover tubeFigure 14■Check that both the white and black ignition wires areattached properly. Figure 16.■Ch

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TROUBLESHOOTINGProblemCureCheckBurners burn with a yellow or orange flame, Inspect Spider/Insect Screens forin conjunction with the smell of gas.possible obstructions. (Blockageof holes.)Clean Spider/Insect Screens andinspect burners. (See MaintenanceSection.)Burners do not light. -orBurners have a small flickering flame inthe HIGH position. -orBarbecue temperature only reaches 250˚to 300˚ degrees in the HIGH position.The excess flow safety device,which is part of the barbecue totank connectio

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PATENTS & TRADEMARKS© 1997 Weber-Stephen Products Co. Weber, the silhouette, Flavorizer and Crossover are registeredU.S. trademarks; Summit, Grill Cozy, Gas Catcher, Spider Stopper, and Steam-N-Chips, aretrademarks, all of Weber-Stephen Products Co., 200 East Daniels Road, Palatine, IL 60067-6266.U.S.A.Summit Series Gas Barbecues are covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 4,677,964; 4,727,853; 4,777,927;4,829,978; 4,860,724; 4,941,817; and 4,966,125; and, Canada patent Nos. 1,283,586 and 1,300,995.Printed